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Friday, 2 August 2013

What about early prolongation of TechNet Subscription, as Microsoft offered this recently?

An Email came from a TechNet Subscriber, and wanted my point of view:

What about early prolongation of TechNet Subscription, as Microsoft offered this recently?

My current subscription ends in March 2014, till the end on the August 2013 I can buy 1-year subscription and prolong it to March 2015. Then, termination of paid services in September 2014 by Microsoft will be a case for legal actions, won't be?

My answer:

At least, I won't start such thing as prolong my Subscription - while  I had a phone talk (very recently) to a Microsoft lawyer / hired Advocacy Office from the Netherlands, he explained that after end of September 2013, you will only have access to TechNet, you will not receive any NEW downloads and NEW Product ID-Keys - you only have access to the current published which you already had from day one.

With other words, the amount of money that you pay for a full TechNet Subscription, will be the same, but the value of the content of that same TechNet Subscription - will not be having the full value as you are used to have TechNet as before.

For instance: with TechNet Subscription, you got an extra 1 Support Call, that will not be available after the end of September 2013. So at the end of September, you will end up with;
 - Just Access to the downloads,
 - and download them with the Akamai Download Manager ,
 - Read your existing Product ID-Keys,
 - Request your new Product ID-Keys of existing downloads,
 - and everything what TechNet has to offer for free, like the Newsgroups, Blogs, Support pages, and Evaluation versions of all existing software that is as published nowadays.

What Microsoft is trying to reach, is that access to all legacy software is discontinued after 1 year from now. Microsoft want to force companies to use their Azure Cloud Services.

Microsoft costs to let the legacy systems keep supporting are running to high, they just can't afford the continuing of Windows XP after April 2014 anymore.

With other words:  I believe that Microsoft is "into deep shit, up till their throats".

This is just a part of a survival plan...

 So regarding your statement, do not expect to much of a prolonging or renewal of TechNet Subscription after September 2013:

- Software Activation can't be done after September 2014 anymore -

Me for instance, I've got a 3 year subscription, I can't prolong my current subscription, cause if have a 3 year subs. already, But I have to pay, next year at my renewal date, a full TechNet fee, to just get access to my downloads and product keys.

In my honest opinion, that is not the same..., as I used to have.

Till so far, thank you for reading my thoughts
respect and regards,

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